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The Biograph Theater-The Death of John Dillinger

The Biograph Theater-The Death of John Dillinger By Barek Halfhand Spring in Chicago represents an almost ritualistic awakening from hibernation as the lakeside city is finally freed from the often debilitating grip of Midwestern winter extremes… a drive along Lake Shore Drive on one of these sun bathed, warmer afternoons proves that the locals are […]

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Amazing UFO Lights Witnessed Over Ronse Belgium

  Article originally posted by http://globalparanormal.com. 2-28-13 RONSE BELGIUM RONSE – Several people saw five bright lights seen in the vicinity of the College. “It was so bright that we were awake,” says Jean-Claude. Johny Deconinck also saw the lights and photographed them. A little after 1 am Thursday morning, there were five mysterious lights […]

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The Minnesota State School

The Minnesota State School By Barek Halfhand [img]http://i790.photobucket.com/albums/yy188/TheNotoriousMrhalfhand/The%20Minnesota%20State%20School%20And%20More/th_100_4568.jpg[/img] Minnesota is a beautiful state and “Land of a Thousand Lake” is not only a catchy license plate an apt geographical description …the tall pines and white barked birches begin to flank the roadway the farther north past the Twin cities you may venture … trekking towards […]

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Katherine Legge Park

“3 miles away: At Katherine Legge Memorial Park, the main building (not the lodge) used to be a woman’s dorm. Supposedly if you are there alone at night on the first floor, you can hear footsteps on the second floor…” Source: http://www.ghostsofamerica.com/6/Illinois_Western_Springs_ghost_sightings4.html Katherine Legge Park By Barek Halfhand While there are a few interesting parallels […]

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Road Trip 2012 Part 2

Road Trip 2012 Part 2 Here is an update that includes a new site just outside Detroit MI that is rumored to be experiencing supernatural activity as well as some (edited) photos from my Oklahoma/Old RT 66 back-roads excursion…Are they watching from the trees? ….b Here are the (compressed to 1MB) photos…some have been slightly […]

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