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Ghosts Of The Haymarket Riots

  Ghosts of the Haymarket Massacreby Barek Halfhand  The Carter Harrison (Sr.) administration saw it’s share of turmoil during his stint as Chicago mayor…The nation’s first prolific serial killer; H.H. Holmes prowled the periphery of the 1893 Columbian Exposition (White City) to prey upon tourists, urban transplants and transients…ironically Mayor Harrison would be murdered by […]

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Haunted Archer Avenue: Fairmount Hills

(Scroll down for 10-2011 update) Haunted Archer Avenue: Fairmount Hills by Barek Halfhand *From 5-09: The Archer Avenue gates to Fairmont Hills lie between St James Church and The Willow Brook Ballroom along the farthest, forest draped reaches of that famous stretch of Chicago land roadway. There was no predetermined destination when stumbled into my […]

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Road Trip 2011 Part 2

Road Trip 2011 Part 2 by Barek Halfhand The gargantuan propellers seem surprisingly graceful spinning in the distance as the wind farms of pastoral north central Indiana suddenly dominate the landscape and have come to serve as my symbolic gateway to The South…If I didn’t view this spectacle as fanatically futuristic I may have been […]

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The 65th Anniversary Of The Naperville Train Crash

The 65th Anniversary Of The Naperville Train Crash By Barek Halfhand April 25th 2011 at 1:03 pm marked the 65th anniversary of one of the worst railroad accidents in American history leaving 43 dead and 125 injured …I arrived in far west suburban Naperville at 12:35pm… April 25th 1946 started out as cloudy with possible […]

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