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Klondike Restaurant: Near Miss & EVPs

by Karen Frazier, Managing Editor
Paranormal Underground Magazine

Ah if only wishing made something so. In the December issue of the magazine, you can read about my recent investigation with West Coast Ghost Hunters at the Klondike Restaurant in St. Helens, Oregon. It was an interesting place, and it’s taken me a while to dig through the accumulated data. I had a moment of excitement the other day when I caught the following video clip.

In the clip you’ll notice two things travel across the bottom of the screen. My son, Tanner, was sitting at a table against the wall with his camera pointing into the bar. There is a mirror at the end of the bar. In short order, you’ll notice what looks like someone wearing a cowboy hat moving across the screen – first very quickly, and then more slowly. Prior to the second movement across the bottom of the screen, you see someone walk from left to right in front of the camera. That someone is William, and he was wearing a bowler hat, which accounts for the second “apparition.” A few things confounded me, however.

1. The speed at which the first “apparition” moved across the screen in comparison to the second.
2. The fact that William never moved from right to left across the screen between the two “apparitions.” While I was pretty certain the second “apparition” was William’s reflection in the mirror, I couldn’t figure out how he’d gotten back to the starting position to be the second apparition if he was also the first apparition.
3. The first “apparition” looked different than the second.

Finally, after much discussion, I moved the video to the high definition video player, and advanced the video clip one frame at a time. When I did that, when “apparition” #1 appeared onscreen, it looked suspiciously like the bill of a baseball cap. While I was stuck on both apparitions being William, I realized it was just the reflection of someone else. My guess is that it is our own Rob St. Helen, who writes the Haunted Heathman Hotel column in the magazine. Rob was wearing a ball cap, and moving quickly setting up cameras.

It’s a bummer, because like everyone else, I really wanted to catch something cool. And in the end, I did. I caught a good piece to analyze and keep me thinking, which taught me a lot. On the other hand, as much as I wanted it to be paranormal, it just wasn’t. So I’ll have to keep trying.

Also from the Klondike – these audio captures:
Klondike EVP 1
Klondike EVP 2

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  1. Cottie Huber / Reply June 30, 2013 at 2:49 pm

    Hi Karen,
    I went to the Klondike last night with William as part of his class, definitely some heavy stuff going on there.

    About your video, I know that where the movement is seen (the one farther away) there is a small aisle between the wall and the bar, so were it your crew member both times we would have had to see him passing back to the left, which we don’t (unless he did this at the exact same time and speed as William did). We would have had to see him pass back in front of the camera since the bar runs the length of that area and he would have had to walk back to the left via the small aisle or right in front of your cam, since we’ve seen him twice. The only other explanations just aren’t plausible: he crawled under the camera on the way back, went outside and around the building running very fast and coming back in through the side entrance, or it’s a different person and not the same guy both times.

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