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Paranormal Evidence of the Week – The Concerned Ghost

by Karen Frazier, Managing Editor
Paranormal Underground Magazine

In this week’s paranormal evidence, Jim, Tanner and I seem to recently have run across a concerned ghost. We didn’t realize he was concerned at the time, but certainly after the fact we heard him. The clip was captured outdoors with a slight breeze blowing, which you will hear as background noise.

There were three of us present – me, Jim and Tanner. There was no one else in the area. On the recording, you will hear Jim say “Ow!” Then you will hear another voice expressing concern over his injury. At the very end, you’ll hear my son Tanner start to say something. So three male voices. The one in the middle was not one we heard at the time.

Here’s what I hear: “Oh, dear. Did it hurt?”

What do you hear?

oh dear did it hurt

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  1. SeekerKC / Reply January 23, 2011 at 8:08 am

    The voice immediately brought to mind the character of Viney Butler from the movie “Songcatcher” (performed by actress Pat Carroll). It sounded JUST like her! I know very little about the site…is there documentation of anyone matching such a description? Hmmm. Interesting!

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