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Second EVP from morgue at Waverly Hills Sanatorium

This evp was captured in the morgue area during our recent trip to Waverly Hills with

Paranormal Underground. This EVP was captured with the new Sony PCM-M10 recorder

which was personally very exciting for me because prior to this investigation, it had

yielded no results. It is not uncommon for “hi-def” audio recorders to capture less evp.

I believe that the super high sample rates and a/d conversion simply makes most mistaken

evp on lesser recorders audible as regular, benign sounds that are easily explainable.

At any rate, I was getting bummed out because I had recorded almost 14 hours with the

m10 and not been graced with even one evp until Waverly.

This evp occurred when my wife, Nonie, was taking her turn laying in the morgue

freezer. Only other people on the floor at this time were members of the ETPRS.  In the following

clip you will hear a distinctive whispery EVP voice say “oh hell” or possibly “go to hell”.

After the evp you hear members of ETPRS questioning as if they heard it aloud. Recorded on PCM-

M10 at 48khz / 24bit resolution.


note: the only processing done to this file was approximatley 7db of amplification

See the full OKCGC investigation report at




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  1. Kylie / Reply September 23, 2010 at 3:05 am

    I honestly heared “go to hell”, it was slightly difficult to understand, however, because it was in such a low whisper. Definitely exciting, though!

  2. Paige Malone / Reply October 23, 2010 at 7:31 pm

    Hi Andy,
    I wanted to suggest try using an external dynamic microphone with that recorder. Evp’s are not audio phenomenon they are emf related. The emf affects the coil in the dynamic microphone, you are able to catch evp’s with just the microphone in your recorder which is an electret microphone, but the evp has to be of a high enough amplitude to be recorded with the electret microphone. I guarantee if you plug an ext. dynamic mic into your machine you will increase your evp recordings. I have been extremely successful.Drop me a line if you have questions. winkybok@aol.com good luck! Paige

  3. damn gorgeous / Reply March 14, 2011 at 7:21 pm

    scary but exciting dude!!!.
    hell to the yes!

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