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Tulpas, Fairies, and the Jinn (Djinn)

Written by Rick Hale

As paranormal investigators, I believe we have two very important jobs when conducting investigations. The first is observe, document and report. The second, which to me is the most important, is to demystify the mysterious and alleviate the fear of the unknown. Fear can be a very powerful force and is mankind’s oldest emotion. Fear can teach you to respect an unknown situation or it can cripple a person’s life to the point of despair and sadly suicide. So when considering the field of paranormal research, I have one question: Why all the fear?


When you watch the paranormal reality shows, one of the most popular things that is discussed frequently are dark spiritual beings that are out to destroy lives … of course I speak of demons. Nothing raises ratings quicker than scaring the hell out of people with reprobate beings sent from the very bowels of Hell on a mission to crush, kill and destroy.

I’m not going to sit here and say that inhuman entities do not exist, but I just don’t buy into the whole, “fallen angel” thingy. With that being said, I do believe that there are inhuman entities, meaning spiritual beings that never walked the earth in the flesh. Through my own research I have identified three spiritual beings that may represent inhuman spirits. They are the good, the bad and the ugly.


Alexandra David Neel (pictured) was a French spiritualist and world explorer who had a special love for the Far East. In 1924, as she was traveling through Tibet, she discovered a sect of Tibetan Buddhist monks that had some pretty esoteric beliefs and practiced mysticism.

After spending some time with the Tibetan Buddhists she discovered that the monks were able to construct a being through sheer will power and discipline. They were able to give this being life, and this being did their bidding. The being was a Tulpa, and Alexandra David Neel just had to have one. Even if it led to some very bad things.

Legend says that Neel did in fact create one of these beings. People who came into contact with Neel reported an attractive young monk in her presence that seemed to be a servant of some kind. As time went on, the attractive young monk turned into an overweight, foul-mouthed pervert that tried to make Neel’s life miserable. Neel fortunately was able to will the being away.

In Western occultism a Tulpa is called a thoughtform and can be used to do both good and bad. A thoughtform is created much in the same way as a Tulpa, through will power and a whole lot of magic. I believe that I may have dealt with one of these thoughtforms early in my time as an investigator. I feel that this being was created through black magic and placed as a curse upon the person that needed help. This being appeared as a giant black shadow and made this poor girl’s life hell. I witnessed this huge shadow being and was even shoved by it. Regrettably, I was unable to help this girl.


When the Roman Empire marched into the wilds of Northern Europe to acquire lands for the Emperor, they ran into some pretty heavy-duty opposition. The Germanic and Celtic tribes put up quite a fight and won many battles against the Empire, ultimately resulting in the downfall of the Empire. Much of what is written about the Pagan peoples of Northern Europe can be regarded as propaganda, except for their spiritual beliefs.

The Romans discovered that the tribes, specifically the Celts, had a complex belief system in a wide variety of spiritual beings: the Gentry, the Good Folk or the Fey, whatever you want to call them — we in the West call them fairies.

Fairies were creatures that came in many different forms and represented the different elements. The Celts feared and respected these beings. They could be helpful at times, doing such things as helping with day-to-day household chores to protecting travelers. But these beings had a dark side and God help the person that pissed off one of these beings. An angry fairy could spoil milk, kill livestock and steal children, leaving in their place a hideous being called a “Changeling.”

When the Roman empire transformed into the Holy Roman Empire, the belief of the Northern European peoples in these beings was suppressed. Fairies were now considered demonic entities, and it was said that their underground kingdom of Annwn may have been the prototype for Hell. One of the major gods in Celtic belief was Cernnunos, a horned redskinned badass. Sound familiar? It should. Cernnunos was what eventually became our idea of Satan. Some still believe in these old ways, believing that the Fey are pretty upset by being turned into these demonic creatures — so much so that they enjoy raising a little hell every once in a while.

The Jinn

Here in the West our idea of the Jinn (or Djinn) has been mainly shaped by two different sources. The first is I Dream of Jeannie, a popular TV show from the 1960s. I loved it. Our second source is Robin Williams putting on his most annoying performance as the blue-skinned, ADD-afflicted genie of Walt Disney’s Aladdin. Although these representations are all in good fun, they do not properly represent the real Jinn — a being not to be trifled with.

A major figure in Islamic and pre-Islamic folklore, the Jinn was a special class of being created by Allah from a scorching smokeless fire. The Jinn were less than angels but slightly more powerful than man.

It is believed that the Jinn inhabit a world just beyond the perception of mankind. It is believed that these Jinn can leave Jinnland (my name for it) and interact with mankind. Reportedly, the Jinn can be a major help or a major pain in the ass if not shown the proper respect. The Jinn that we know are not about granting wishes and acting on the whim of a master, but rather a powerful spiritual being that can cause wanton destruction.

These three classes of spiritual beings are just an alternative offered to explain these supposed demonic entities that are supposedly hiding around every corner looking for a hapless victim to possess or control. Or, they may very well be the pitchfork-wielding, red-jammied minions of the prince of darkness. No one really knows for sure.

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  1. Shaun / Reply June 28, 2013 at 10:24 am

    Nice article, I do believe when investigating the paranormal you have to be calm and record everything for future research.

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