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March 2014 Cover

Dead Famous’ Chris Fleming Featured in March 2014 Paranormal Underground Magazine

The March 2014 issue of Paranormal Underground is now available here: In our Magazine Archive: https://paranormalunderground.net/Magazine_Archive.html The Apple Newsstand (http://bit.ly/pumlink) (Download our app and subscribe) Google Play App Store (http://bit.ly/pugand) (Download our app and subscribe) In this issue of Paranormal Underground magazine, we feature: Haunted Sites Haunted Louisiana Are We Alone? Are We Really Ready […]

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Scott and Chad Featured Image

Paranormal Underground Radio: Scott Gruenwald (Paranormal Paparazzi) and Chad Lindberg (Actor)

In this episode of Paranormal Underground Radio, we talk with Scott Gruenwald and Chad Lindberg, both paranormal investigators/enthusiasts and official investigators for Haunted Orange County (www.HauntedOC.com). Scott Gruenwald was a reporter/correspondent on Travel Channel’s Paranormal Paparazzi, as well as the Web show Live at Wolfe Manor. He is also the founder of STU-CON, an annual paranormal […]

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Our Blog Image

The Biograph Theater-The Death of John Dillinger

The Biograph Theater-The Death of John Dillinger By Barek Halfhand Spring in Chicago represents an almost ritualistic awakening from hibernation as the lakeside city is finally freed from the often debilitating grip of Midwestern winter extremes… a drive along Lake Shore Drive on one of these sun bathed, warmer afternoons proves that the locals are […]

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Afterlife Research

Top 10 Books That Influenced My Afterlife Research

This article was featured in Paranormal Underground magazine’s May 2013 issue. To read more from this issue, visit our magazine archive page. Or to get a 12-month digital subscription of the magazine (a PDF mailed to you automatically each month). Top 10 Books That Influenced My Afterlife Research By Karen Frazier, South Sound Paranormal Research […]

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Darren Thompson Web

Paranormal Underground Radio: Darren Thompson, Washington State Paranormal Investigations and Research

In this episode of Paranormal Underground Radio, we talk with Darren Thompson, president and cofounder of WSPIR (Washington State Paranormal Investigations and Research). WSPIR is a paranormal investigation, research, and education organization committed to seeking scientific and metaphysical evidence of other realms of existence; dedicated to assisting those experiencing unexplained phenomenon; and providing educational resources […]

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May 2013 Cover

Paranormal Underground Magazine’s May 2013 Is Now Available

www.paranormalundergroundmagazine.com Paranormal Underground magazine’s May 2013 issue is now online! Check out this issue by visiting our Magazine Archive page. In this issue of “Paranormal Underground” magazine, we profile Hans Holzer and Alexandra Holzer, as well as “The Scent of Freedom” author Mhairi Simpson. We also feature the Ohio State Reformatory, crop circle conspiracy theories, […]

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Raymond Moody Web

Paranormal Underground Radio: Raymond Moody, Afterlife Researcher

In this episode of Paranormal Underground Radio, we talk with afterlife researcher Raymond Moody. Raymond Moody is a psychologist and medical doctor. He is the best-selling author of 11 books and is most famous as an author of books about life after death and near-death experiences, a term he coined in 1975 in his book […]

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William Becker Web

Paranormal Underground Radio: William Becker, Psychic Medium

In this episode of Paranormal Underground Radio, we talk with psychic medium William Becker. William is a psychic medium and paranormal investigator and researcher. He has been a tour guide for the Downtown Oregon City Walk with the Spirits Tour for three years. William’s interest in the paranormal goes back to his early childhood when […]

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Do I Need a Protection Prayer When I Go Ghost Hunting

Story originally posted on http://globalparanormal.com by Chad Stambaugh. My personal opinion is that demons exist in several levels and powers. I have seen things to make me believe that they are working in many ways to influence people daily. I do believe some spirits are evil but only if they were evil when they where […]

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Karen wheeler

Uninvited Guests at a Haunted Inn

By Karen Frazier as posted on http://www.sspri.org. I recently spent a weekend at a lovely haunted B&B. It is generally known this inn is haunted, but the owner prefers the fact isn’t advertised. In the past, she’s had issues with thrill seekers coming uninvited to her property and running amok, disrespecting the gentle spirits who […]

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