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March 2014 Cover

Dead Famous’ Chris Fleming Featured in March 2014 Paranormal Underground Magazine

The March 2014 issue of Paranormal Underground is now available here: In our Magazine Archive: https://paranormalunderground.net/Magazine_Archive.html The Apple Newsstand (http://bit.ly/pumlink) (Download our app and subscribe) Google Play App Store (http://bit.ly/pugand) (Download our app and subscribe) In this issue of Paranormal Underground magazine, we feature: Haunted Sites Haunted Louisiana Are We Alone? Are We Really Ready […]

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May 2013 Cover

Paranormal Underground Magazine’s May 2013 Is Now Available

www.paranormalundergroundmagazine.com Paranormal Underground magazine’s May 2013 issue is now online! Check out this issue by visiting our Magazine Archive page. In this issue of “Paranormal Underground” magazine, we profile Hans Holzer and Alexandra Holzer, as well as “The Scent of Freedom” author Mhairi Simpson. We also feature the Ohio State Reformatory, crop circle conspiracy theories, […]

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psychic voice

Describing the Indescribable – Finding Your Psychic Voice

Originally posted by William Becker at http://www.paranormalinsights.blogspot.com. I think one of the challenges of teaching people to find their own psychic voice is finding ways to describe the indescribable.  I don’t always have the vocabulary to accurately express some of the places I go and feelings I have when doing the work.  I don’t know […]

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On Being Psychic

Originally posted by Karen Frazier on http://www.sspri.org. I know a guy who has some pretty impressive abilities. He’s used them for years on investigations without the need to label or categorize them. Instead, he follows his instincts, and it helps him be a thorough and careful paranormal investigator. Once the label of psychic is applied […]

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Why Don’t Psychics Win the Lottery?

By Adam Neal, www.paranormalyte.com Why don’t self-proclaimed psychics win the lottery? Warn us of upcoming global catastrophes? Know when their family members and friends are going to die? In being willing to delve into the world of psi (although a believer as I will assure you we are ALWAYS inhabiting this world, regardless of our […]

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Karen wheeler

Uninvited Guests at a Haunted Inn

By Karen Frazier as posted on http://www.sspri.org. I recently spent a weekend at a lovely haunted B&B. It is generally known this inn is haunted, but the owner prefers the fact isn’t advertised. In the past, she’s had issues with thrill seekers coming uninvited to her property and running amok, disrespecting the gentle spirits who […]

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Blog April 2013 Cover

April 2013 Paranormal Underground Magazine Online Now

Paranormal Underground magazine’s April 2013 issue is now online. Visit our Magazine Archive now! In this issue of Paranormal Underground” magazine, we profile the investigative teams Paranormal PROS and Spirit Research Team Leipzig, as well as Dream Symbology Dictionary author Michael Schwartz; feature how to recognize an Incubus and Succubus attack, 9/11 conspiracy theories, the […]

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Epistemological Conundrum: They Ain’t S’pose to Know That! How Do Humans Learn?

Blog originally posted by http://www.paranormalyte.com by Adam Neal. Epistemological Conundrum: They Ain’t S’pose to Know That! When we open our eyes as a newborn, when we close our eyes in death — we are learning. Learning is the only human drive that both propels our life and is also part of every moment within it. […]

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The Effect of the Living on the Dead

Originally posted on http://www.paranormalinsights.blogspot.com/ by William Becker. Sometimes we aren’t aware of how our actions can affect the entities that inhabit a location.  I recently read a location that has had a lot of turmoil over the last few years, including criminal activity, which has affected the ability of the location to continue to exist. […]

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soul cohab

Super-Psi Me: Is Soul Co-habitation Possible?

Blog originally posted by http://www.paranormalyte.com by Adam Neal. “Mommy,” a quiet six-year-old girl says, “where’s Berlin?” Stunned, Katie’s mother turns around. “What?” “Berlin, Mommy. It’s a place grandpa’s daddy was telling me about. Where he gave ladies pretty necklaces until the Yahtzee people were there.” Katie’s mother, like many parents in this situation, begins to […]

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