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March 2014 Cover

Dead Famous’ Chris Fleming Featured in March 2014 Paranormal Underground Magazine

The March 2014 issue of Paranormal Underground is now available here: In our Magazine Archive: https://paranormalunderground.net/Magazine_Archive.html The Apple Newsstand (http://bit.ly/pumlink) (Download our app and subscribe) Google Play App Store (http://bit.ly/pugand) (Download our app and subscribe) In this issue of Paranormal Underground magazine, we feature: Haunted Sites Haunted Louisiana Are We Alone? Are We Really Ready […]

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May 2013 Cover

Paranormal Underground Magazine’s May 2013 Is Now Available

www.paranormalundergroundmagazine.com Paranormal Underground magazine’s May 2013 issue is now online! Check out this issue by visiting our Magazine Archive page. In this issue of “Paranormal Underground” magazine, we profile Hans Holzer and Alexandra Holzer, as well as “The Scent of Freedom” author Mhairi Simpson. We also feature the Ohio State Reformatory, crop circle conspiracy theories, […]

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Canada to Expose Alien Collaboration With U.S.

Republished from http://globalparanormal.com/. Canada to Expose Alien Collaboration With U.S. 4-27-13 WINNIPEG FREE PRESS WASHINGTON — Why is Lester Pearson’s 89-year-old former minister of defense coming to Washington next week to testify as to the existence — and multiple visits to Earth — of little green men (not to mention tall white dudes) from outer space? “Because […]

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Blog April 2013 Cover

April 2013 Paranormal Underground Magazine Online Now

Paranormal Underground magazine’s April 2013 issue is now online. Visit our Magazine Archive now! In this issue of Paranormal Underground” magazine, we profile the investigative teams Paranormal PROS and Spirit Research Team Leipzig, as well as Dream Symbology Dictionary author Michael Schwartz; feature how to recognize an Incubus and Succubus attack, 9/11 conspiracy theories, the […]

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UFO Documentary Reveals “Humanoid of Unknown Classification”

Story originally posted by http://globalparanormal.com.   A new documentary on UFOs, extraterrestrials, and advanced clean energy, hopes to provide evidence that the government has figured out how UFOs operate and are hiding advanced technology that can provide clean energy. The film also features the discovery of an alleged humanoid body whose DNA has been sequenced […]

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Paul Von Ward

Paranormal Underground Radio: Paul Von Ward (Author of The Soul Genome and We’ve Never Been Alone)

In this episode of Paranormal Underground Radio, we talk with Paul Von Ward, author of “We’ve Never Been Alone: A History of Extraterrestrial Intervention” and “The Soul Genome: Science and Reincarnation.” An interdisciplinary cosmologist and independent scholar, Paul is internationally known for the hypothesis of an AB (advanced beings) intervention in human development; his theory […]

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Scary Close Encounter in the Catskill Mountains of New York

Story originally posted by http://globalparanormal.com. Scary Close Encounter in the Catskill Mountains of New York SEPTEMBER 2011 CATSKILL MOUNTAINS NEW YORK The weekend at the center of our story was like many others they’d enjoyed over that summer – hiking along the mountainside, sitting around the campfire and sleeping in the van. Then came the […]

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US UFO Reports Down 36 Percent From 2012 High

Article originally posted by http://globalparanormal.com. UFO reporting in the United States appeared to spike during the summer of 2012 with higher numbers continuing until a significant drop in February 2013 in a trend that appears to remain currently in March, according to UFO report statistics from both the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and the National UFO […]

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Amazing UFO Lights Witnessed Over Ronse Belgium

  Article originally posted by http://globalparanormal.com. 2-28-13 RONSE BELGIUM RONSE – Several people saw five bright lights seen in the vicinity of the College. “It was so bright that we were awake,” says Jean-Claude. Johny Deconinck also saw the lights and photographed them. A little after 1 am Thursday morning, there were five mysterious lights […]

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